Tennis Club Finances and Subscriptions

15 April 2020

The financial implications of the coronavirus lock down are affecting not only individual members but also our Tennis Club. In normal circumstances we would have given serious consideration to offering a reduction or rebate for tennis subscriptions this year, given the fact that no tennis is being played and we have no idea when we might return to the courts. However regrettably this is just not going to be possible.

Last year at our AGM the members confirmed a committee proposal to proceed with the necessary work to enable us to erect an air dome over 2 courts for winter tennis. This decision to proceed with this major investment was based on sound financial planning involving member’s loans, fund raising and this year’s anticipated surplus.

We are extremely grateful to those members who were able to support the Club with interest free loans but unfortunately other sources of income such as fund raising and banner receipts have dried up meaning that subscriptions are our only likely source of income this year. Your subscription is vital, together with our reserves, to enable us to meet the considerable items of expenditure in relation to the air dome which either have been paid or need to be paid in the next few months.

Unlike gyms and schools we are not a business and we will get no Government financial assistance to cover any loss of income during the lock down.

Each of our members is an integral part of the Club and so each of us share not only the benefits of belonging to our Club but also the responsibility for ensuring that the Club continues to prosper. The Committee are the conduit for taking appropriate action but the burden to ensure that the Club is solvent and successful should, and must be shared equally.

And so first of all a big thank you to the 60% of members who have already paid their tennis subscription. This is really appreciated as are the messages of support which some of you have also sent.

As you know subscriptions were due on 1st April and the deadline for paying is 30th April at which stage there would normally be a surcharge or memberships would lapse.

And so to those of you who have not yet paid we would ask that, as in normal circumstances, you pay your subscription as soon as possible and this can be done by cheque to the Membership Secretary or better still by transfer to the Club Account

However we do understand that in these difficult times some of you at present may not have the resources to pay your tennis subscription and keeping a roof over your head and providing food for your family are your prime concerns.

We do not want to lose you as members of our Club

So if you wish to rejoin but just can’t afford at present then we understand and want to do what we can to help. To be fair to all those who have paid the full subscription we must ask that eventually you pay the same amount as they have, but we are happy to make whatever arrangement you think best will deal with your present situation.

Any suggestion will almost certainly be agreed because you are a member of our great club and we want you to continue to be so.

But we do need to know, in confidence, who you are and what you propose. And so if your circumstances mean that you don’t want to leave the Club but can’t afford to pay at present then please email Bernard Crosby and something can be arranged.

Do not respond to this email but contact Bernard direct at :

If however you have decided not to rejoin, and we will be really sorry to see you go, then it would be helpful for our financial planning going forward if you could let us know. An email or a simple text to 07831 894788 saying ‘resign’ and your name would suffice. We really hope that there won’t be too many of these.

So to summarise – we need your subscription

If you have paid already then thank you.

If you have not yet paid then we would really appreciate it you could do so asap.

If you would like to make an arrangement to pay then please let us know.

And finally if we don’t hear from you by the end of the month then regrettably we will have to assume you do not wish to rejoin and unfortunately no guarantees can be made about re-admitting you at a future date as this will depend upon membership numbers at the time.

We look forward to seeing you all whenever tennis resumes and you can be assured that we already are planning something special to mark our return to the courts.

With best wishes

The Committee