Sponsors Pathway

7 June 2019

As we get closer to receiving confirmation that planning permission has been granted for the air dome, our thoughts become more focussed on raising that extra bit of money needed to enable construction to go ahead as soon as possible.

We are holding conversations with the LTA about grants and loans but obviously the less we have to borrow the better.

One of our fund raising initiatives is to increase the number of sponsored bricks and Graham Lanigan has taken over responsibility for selling as many




as possible by the end of August at which stage we will place a new order and rectify a couple of issues with the first delivery.

As a Community Amateur Sports Club we are able to claim Gift Aid on the amounts raised which means that H M Revenue and Customs will help to finance the dome and given the amount of taxes we all pay this is surely a good thing!

Bricks are available for £40 (2 lines of text) or £70 (4 lines of text) and with an almost indefinite shelf life will provide a lasting memory of your time at the Club.

Graham will be trying to persuade you of the benefits of buying a brick but if he doesn’t see you, or perhaps doesn’t even know you, then there are forms behind the bar and you can always contact him on


graham.lanigan@gmail.com or 07855 789807