Outdoor Court Booking System

31 December 2020

It has been decided to implement a court booking system during the current Tier 4 restrictions with immediate effect on courts 1, 2 and 6.

In other words all tennis being played must be pre booked.

Court 5 will be reserved for coaching although if we find that there is exceptional demand for the other courts we may have to restrict coaching hours.  This new system will ensure that members will have certainty about being able to play and perhaps more importantly it will minimise, to a great extent, the possibility of any social mixing.

There will of course be no charge for using the booking system. 

Bookings should be made via the Clubspark online system in the same way that courts 3 and 4 were booked and this can be done at short notice if the courts are not already booked. The system will generate a pin number but this will not be needed to access the courts. Go to our website and look for the Clubspark icon if you do not have the Clubspark Booker App.  You may have to register if you haven’t used this feature before.

Bookings must be made on the hour and for one hour only and we rely on our members not to abuse the system by:

Booking 2 hour slots in different names

Booking courts and then not turning up – please cancel if you no longer wish to play.

Making an unreasonable number of bookings to the detriment of fellow members.

Once again may we remind you that play is restricted to

singles (different households) or

doubles  (members of the same household)

LTC Committee