Notification of 2020 Annual General Meeting

19 October 2020

The AGM is scheduled to be held on Wednesday 25 November in the Clubhouse.  However, owing to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions this will not be possible because of course the Clubhouse is now closed and even if it re-opens before the 25 November it is almost certain that we will not be allowed to hold a meeting of more than 30.


Therefore, this year it has been decided that the meeting should be held via email and on the following page you will find a draft agenda for your consideration.


The various reports and Committee proposals regarding the Accounts and next year’s Committee will be sent out in the week commencing 3 November but prior to that we need to know if there are any specific resolutions that the members wish to place for new Committee members, or any other matters under AOB.  These will of course need to be proposed and seconded in the normal way, by either full or daytime Senior members and we ask that these are sent to the Secretary on or before Sunday 31 October so that they can be forwarded to the members, together with the firm agenda and reports, during the following week.


This will then give all the members an opportunity to consider any proposals and/or ask for further information prior to voting by email on or before Tuesday 24 November following which any votes will be counted and the results made known via ‘Virtual AGM minutes’.


We realise that this is not an ideal situation but we are following the procedures adopted by other Clubs and Organisations when holding their General Meetings.



LTC Committee




Lytham Tennis Club

2020 Annual General Meeting to be held via email



1*Apologies –  As all eligible members will be notified of the proceedings and have an opportunity to raise matters and vote it will be assumed that there are no apologies.


2*Minutes of the AGM held on 21 November 2019 – These are available on the website in the members section and members will be asked to confirm that they represent a true and fair account of proceedings.


3*Matters arising from that meeting – The only significant matters discussed related to confirmation that we should continue with the dome project and that the Committee be empowered to borrow up to £50,000 for this purpose.  This will be dealt with in the body of the meeting.


4*Chairman’s Report – to be forwarded to the members w/c 3 November.


5*Treasurers Report – Accounts and comments thereon will be available for the members during the week commencing 3 November.  The members will be asked to confirm that the Accounts to 30 September 2020 are adopted.


6*Re-election of the Auditors -the members will be asked to confirm a vote of thanks to Rushtons Accountants and to re-elect them as Auditors for the next 12 months.


7*Committee Reports – these will be forwarded to the members w/c 3 November.


8*Election of Club Chairman – Nominations for the position of Club Chairman should be sent to the Club Secretary by Sunday 31 October.


9*Election of club Officials – Proposals should be sent to the Club Secretary.  A list of all Committee nominations will be sent to the members w/c 3 November.


10*Presentation of Trophies – (a) Most improved player of the year- decided by the Club Captains (b) Club Member of the Year – decided by the Club Chairman.


11*Any other business – Any matters which the members wish to raise which would not normally be dealt with by the Committee should be forwarded to the Secretary by 31 October.  If specific propositions are being made then they should be seconded and it would be helpful if an explanatory note could be attached which could then be forwarded to the members for their consideration prior to a vote.  The Committee may wish to add their own comments about any such proposals.


Block bookings and the Dome 


The Committee reviewed and discussed in great detail the question of block bookings at their virtual October meeting and wish the members to be aware of the intended system regarding block bookings for the 12 weeks starting in January 2021.



Some background information


The income from advance block bookings is expected to raise approximately 75% of the total booking income for the Dome.


Casual bookings tend to be made less than 48 hours ahead when the weather is inclement, or forecast to be so, and when it is fine the number of casual bookings is of course much reduced.  Currently bookings have had to be substantially curtailed because of the coronavirus regulations.


More than ever the Club needs regular income from the Dome to meet the current expenses, put an amount into a Sinking Fund for the future and also provide some additional income to help repay the loans which enabled the Dome to be built.


Block bookings give the participants comfort that they can play at the same time each week and so they are able to arrange their diaries accordingly.  From the Club’s point of view it means that we have guaranteed income regardless of the weather conditions.


Last February a cross section of playing members formed a sub Committee led by the Chairman to discuss the parameters that should be used for booking the dome.  A number of meetings were held and one of the matters agreed was that block booking should be allowed, initially for a 12-week period, with the option of renewing for a further 12 week period.  This was endorsed by the Committee and notified to the members in the March 2020 Newsletter


Block bookings for up to 3 months will be allowed and later in the Summer members will be asked to register their requirements. These will be assessed prior to the bookings being confirmed subject to duplications etc. It is likely that those who have block booked for 3 months will have priority for the next 3 months.


In September every member was then given an opportunity to submit their block booking requirements and alternative preferences.  There were a few duplications and in those instances members were asked if they could change their preference – where that was not possible and as had been previously advised, a draw was held to allocate booking times.


The Committee appreciate that one or two members may have been disappointed by what happened but we think it inevitable that whatever system was employed this was likely to be the case.



The continuation of block bookings


And so, prior to the latest coronavirus restrictions the Committee decided that as originally planned, those with current block bookings would be asked at the end of November if they wished to renew them in the New Year.  If they were happy to do so then they would be asked to pay within 10 days to confirm their reservations.  These booking must be for the same days and identical times as the original bookings.


Once these booking were put onto the booking system all other members would be asked if they wished to block book other times outside those already pre booked. These would have to be for the set times as originally laid out in September.  Once these times were confirmed and paid for then they too would be entered onto the booking system.  As before if there were any clashes, we would do what we could to resolve them by negotiation and if that is not possible then by a draw.


In the New Year all casual times could be booked for whatever length of time members chose up to 2 hours, without having to stick to the 90 minute slots in the evenings.



The decision post the coronavirus shut down


We believe it is now even more equitable that those who have paid for bookings which they are unable to use, should be given the opportunity to renew their booking into the second half of the winter and that the amounts they have paid for those weeks in which they have been unable to play should be taken into account when calculating the amounts due for the second batch of 12 weeks.


Consequently, they will all be contacted at the end of November when they can either agree to renew with the relevant amount deducted or decide not to renew in which case any amounts due will be repaid.


Once this part of the process is complete the rest of the members will be asked if they wish to block book as outlined above.



September 2021


Before the Dome is re-erected in September 2021 the booking process, time slots and charges will be reviewed with the intention of giving all members an equal opportunity to block book with no preference given to those who have pre booked this year.