Wimbledon Ballot

Statement from the LTA

The Championships 2021


The Opt In for the Wimbledon Ballots run by the LTA will be open soon. Everyone who is eligible will be contacted via email upon the entry window opening. Providing you have agreed to receive LTA Marketing communications by email.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club’s (AELTC) aspiration is to stage the best Championships possible – a trusted, best practice, safe event – with the health and safety of all guests, staff and competitors remaining their highest priority.

The AELTC are committed to staging The Championships from 28 June to 11 July 2021 as planned, but the Wimbledon Fortnight will likely look very different this year. In October, the AELTC updated they were looking at three broad categories: a full capacity Championships, a reduced capacity Championships, and a ‘behind closed doors’ Championships.

Depending on the status of government and public health guidelines leading up to and during the event. The majority of the AELTC’s planning focus is currently centred on the option of a reduced capacity Championships and how that would affect each stakeholder group. However, no scenario is currently being ruled out.

For the full update on the 2021 Wimbledon Championships, please visit the All England Lawn Tennis Clubs website.

Please be aware that the Wimbledon Public Ballot operated by AELTC will not take place for The Championships 2021.


The process for the Wimbledon Ballot is the same as previous years with payment for the tickets completed on-line with the LTA, details  outlined later in this section.

We elected for the draw to be conducted by the LTA and as this proved successful for both the Club and members it has been decided to continue this process.


To be eligible to participate in the draw you must be a Senior, Patron, Student or Junior member.

Juniors under the age of 8 years cannot apply – due to LTA rules.

General Requirements

  • Must have paid your membership subscription by no later than *pm on * April 2021.
  • Must be a British Tennis Member  and ‘opted-in’ with the LTA.  To become a BTM (its free)  and to access more information simply login to the LTA website at www.lta.org.uk/BritishtennisMembership.

Winning Ballot Tickets

Once tickets are assigned to a member they will  receive an e-mail or letter from the LTA confirming they have won and directing them to purchase their tickets via the LTA website or by phone.

Members typically have 14 days from the date of assignment and notification, to make payment.

This communication will also give them the opportunity to decline the offer.  If the payment is not received within the deadline or the member chooses to decline, then the tickets will be re-assigned with the same stipulation on payment, i.e. payment within 14 days.

Tickets will then be sent out to members by the LTA, sometime towards the end of May.

You will see that the Club ( Lytham-LTC ) has no control over collection of monies or distribution of tickets and that this lies exclusively with the individuals.

The Club’s role is purely as an administrator and facilitator although guidance can and will be offered where necessary.