Junior Tennis and Coronavirus

19 March 2020

Following the decision to close schools we have now considered the effect that this will have on Junior tennis. The Prime Minister was at pains to explain that closing schools was not primarily to protect the children as the scientific advice appears to be that children are at a much lower risk of catching the virus and also that there is possibly a lesser chance of them passing it on.

Therefore at present and subject to further advice we are happy that Juniors should continue to play tennis and be coached provided that parents and guardians wish them to do so .

In order to minimise risks we would ask that all Juniors follow the same protocols as Senior Members which is hand washing, sanitising and maintaining as far as possible a 2 metre ‘exclusion zone’ around themselves.

For young children it will obviously be necessary for parents and guardians to accept responsibility for this.

Greg will of course ensure, as far as possible, when coaching that all present follow these simple rules and his coaching drills will aim to ensure that he and those being coached maintain the recommended 2 metre gap.

We would ask again that parents who wish to remain court side also maintain the 2 metre gap between themselves and other parents and children.

At this stage any decision regarding Tennis Camps is in abeyance as we need to consider the implications of how these might work given that the Club house is closed.