Dome Restrictions and Refunds

30 December 2020

Sadly it now looks unlikely that indoor tennis for members of different households will be permitted to take place for some considerable time and possibly not before the dome has to be taken down at the end of March.

This is obviously tremendously disappointing as, after all the hard work to get it installed, we have been unable to reap the benefits of indoor tennis apart from a few weeks in October.

The lack of income will also substantially affect our finances and we have been unable to get any ‘Covid relief’ despite contacting our local MP, the LTA, Sport England and Fylde Borough Council.

Regrettably we now think that the best thing to do is to refund all the unused block booking fees which have been carried forward and if and when it becomes possible to play indoors in the next 3 months, ask members to then book in the normal way via Clubspark. Thanks to those of you who have agreed to waive the refunds to help our finances.

Accordingly if you have pre booked for the first 3 months of the year you will receive a text/email over the next week or so advising you of the amount which is calculated to be due to you as a refund. If you could respond with your bank details then a refund will be made to the lead person who made the booking.

Happy New Year

LTC Committee