Covid-19 Update

12 June 2020

The Committee has a responsibility to ensure that tennis is being played safely at the Club in accordance with Government and LTA guidelines.

Further it has an obligation to ensure that members abide by the guidelines and to take the necessary steps if they believe that the guidelines are being breached.

This is an obligation not a choice and the necessary steps might result in taking action against individual members who breach the guidelines in accordance with the Club’s rules.

We would like to remind everyone that social distancing requires members to maintain a 2 metre gap between themselves and other members at all times.

Players should arrive at the Club shortly before the hour to go on court and should leave as soon as they have finished play. They should not use the Club as a social centre and stay to socialise with their friends as this impacts on other members who are there.

And finally we would remind everyone that they are responsible for their own hand sanitisation and should avoid, whenever possible, touching the gates, net winders etc.  Benches should not be used and of course hands should be washed as soon after play as possible.

It is impossible for members of the Committee to be present at all times and therefore we do rely on our members to act responsibly but we will not hesitate to take action to ensure the safety of all our members.


LTC Committee