Covid 19 Update

11 September 2020

Following the latest Government guidelines it is now an opportune time to update everyone as to how tennis can be played in a safe environment and the protocols in place at the Club.

The latest regulation regarding not meeting in groups of more than 6 does have a slight effect on Tennis although we are still permitted to play indoors or outdoors on adjacent courts and take part in organised competitions.

What is not allowed however is informal tennis when more than 6 members may turn up and mix-in on an ad hoc basis.

For this reason tennis should only be played in pre-arranged matches and we will continue to operate the protocol that play should start on the hour and last for only one hour – the exception being indoor tennis when the slots are booked and will last for 90 minutes in the evenings.

It is easy to be complacent or indeed forget about the dangers of the virus when engaged in playing tennis with friends but we do ask that everyone remains vigilant, maintains social distancing, wash their hands and sanitise on a regular basis.

Sadly the sanitiser put out for members’ use by the token boxes and pavilion entrance has been stolen. Next week we will be installing CCTV around the courts and we will put out more sanitiser in the knowledge that if thieves strike again then their pathetic acts will be on record.

LTC Committee