Courts and Dome Update

22 April 2020

The Courts


Three volunteers have been working each morning over the last few weeks and will continue to do so as long as they can find something that needs doing.

They are taking extreme care to ensure that they work well away from each other and they are scrupulous in ensuring that this happens at all times.

Offers to help by a number of other members have been appreciated but have had to be declined to ensure that social distancing is maintained.

The all-weather courts are being brushed each week and are in good condition apart from Courts 3 & 4 which show some marks from when the contractors were laying the concrete beam. However the main areas of concern have been power washed and any slight indentations are all off the playing surfaces. It is hoped that an application of sand will fill these.

The paths around 3 & 4 will be relaid once the contractors get the go ahead to recommence working and all the boards and sheeting will be taken off site.

Carpeting has been laid on the ground between Courts 5 & 6 and the railway to stop the weeds and some unwanted windbreaks have been fixed to the fencing to inhibit the spread of brambles from the railway embankment.

The grass courts continue to be cut on a regular basis and they have been fertilised and watered. And all the ground sockets for the grass court surround netting posts have been traced with the metal detector and cleared ready for erecting the netting.

Hopefully it will be all systems go once we given the all clear to play again.

The Dome

We have been told that, although the dome manufacturers are on lock down there is no reason why there should be any delay provided that they can resume work before the end of July and now the beam has been laid the suppliers will be coming to take final measurements next month.

The smart gate manufacturers are also on lock down but have told us that with a lead time of 6-8 weeks there should be no problems in supply again providing that they too are back at work by the end of July.