Coronavirus and Tennis – Update 21 March

21 March 2020

Following the latest advice from the LTA and the Government it is now necessary to close the tennis pavilion, toilets and changing rooms with immediate effect and so there will be no hand washing or toilets available for the foreseeable future.

Further advice from the LTA follows:

Players should travel independently to the venue unless they are part of a family group.

Do not change ends

Wherever possible players should use new balls.

Alternatively, each player could have their own tennis ball(s) clearly marked with their own initials and ensure that they are the only person to touch that tennis ball with their hands. For other tennis balls, other methods could be used such as lifting with a foot and racket or scooping up from the ground with the racket

Always ensure that players maintain a 2 metre social distancing gap at all times not only whilst playing but also whilst walking to and from the courts.

Wash hands or sanitise before and after play.

There is a responsibility on everyone playing tennis to ensure that they comply with the advice which has been given in order to minimise the risk of passing on the virus to anyone else.

Chairman and Committee LTC