Coronavirus and Tennis – Update 19 March

19 March 2020

The LTA have confirmed that recreational tennis can continue to be played and have issued further guidance.

1*  Wash or sanitise hands before and after play.

2*  Do not wind down the net after play – just leave it so that the next players doe not have to handle the winding mechanism.

3*  Reduce the potential for close contact by playing a full set before changing ends.

4*  Clean your racket after every session.

5*  Do not use court side benches.

6*  If possible use new balls for each session.

7*  Do not mix in with other groups – play with your organised 4 only.

8*  Avoid touching your face.

9*  No unnecessary social activity should take place before of after play.

Please note that as previously reported at this stage cleaning of the toilets and tennis pavilion will only be relatively infrequent and so as far as possible please refrain from touching any surfaces.

We are doing everything possible to enable tennis to continue to be played in a safe environment and we hope that all members will back this up with their individual actions.

Chairman and Committee LTC