Coronavirus and Tennis – Important Information

17 March 2020

Tennis is inherently a healthy and enjoyable pastime and consequently in normal circumstances it makes sense for us all play as much as possible.

The current situation however is such that the Committee feel that following the latest coronavirus press conference we ought now to have a clear policy about playing tennis at the Club.

The Committee’s policy is to follow Government guidelines which will continue to change, possibly still on a daily basis, as events unfold.

But at this stage we should advise you that:


We believe that It should be possible to play tennis whilst maintaining a reasonable space between players and so the game itself should not be an issue providing that members are aware of their responsibility for their own and other members’ health.

This must necessarily be a decision for individual members.

Ideally we would like to provide sanitising stations for each court but this is not a practical proposition and so we would ask all members to take whatever precautions they think fit – wearing gloves, using their own hand sanitisers, etc. – to minimise the risk of cross contamination from tennis balls, entry gates, tennis winders, token boxes etc.

We need to eliminate any form of organised social gathering and so social tennis on Sundays is now cancelled. We suggest that any members wishing to play tennis do so with arranged fours (or twos) turn up at an agreed time, play their game and then go home having taken all the necessary precautions to avoid contamination whilst at the Club.

At this stage we have decided that the Open Day lunch and tournament will be cancelled. Subject to the weather we still aim to have the grass courts open at the end of April.

We will also need to make a decision about match practices once we hear from the respective Leagues about how they intend to proceed.


Greg will continue to be available for coaching.

Individuals will have to make their own decisions about whether they wish to have coaching but as previously mentioned we believe that it will be possible for individual, and small group coaching to continue provided that precautions are taken in accordance with Government advice.

As long as the schools remain open we believe that junior coaching can continue but again this is a decision for individual parents and guardians. We do have some concerns regarding adults watching from the court side and would ask that wherever possible they wait in their cars or alternatively that they maintain a 2 metre space around themselves.

Floodlighting tokens

These will no longer be available from behind the bar. With immediate effect a container with tokens will be placed in the token box cabinet by courts 3 & 4. This will be replenished on a regular basis and so tokens will always be available.

We ask that members keep a record of how many tokens they use and pay for them by bank transfer at the end of April. We do rely on this income to cover the lighting costs and so of course we equally rely on members maintaining records of tokens used.


It will not be possible to leave these behind the bar and so they should be posted to Linda Clayton or paid directly into the bank. They are due on 1st April and it really will be a help if they could be paid promptly to aid our cash flow. We will be doing everything possible to ensure that you can play tennis as long as it is safe for all concerned and we are hopeful that we will be able to resume a full programme sometime in the summer.

New members

Given our advice that members play in arranged fours and that there is no social tennis or social events it might be difficult for new members to integrate into the Club. We suggest that you make yourselves known to the Club captains,-Pam and Simon, and they will try to put you in touch with members of similar standard. Their contact details are in the recent Newsletter.