Chairman’s Appeal

28 March 2020

During the many years that I have been associated with the Club I have always believed that a prime responsibility of the Committee is to provide the best possible playing experience for the members and so I have been proud to witness the investment made over the last 13 years in the 6 all weather courts and I was pleased that at the end of last year the membership agreed to go ahead with the air dome project.

We agreed to finance the dome with accumulated reserves, member’s loans and this year’s forecast surplus. As with all our previous investments this was based on sound financial planning and I was heartened that members have loaned the Club a total of £36,500 on an interest free basis.

As you now know events beyond our control have meant that the Club and courts are closed for who knows how long.

Some items of income such as coaching registrations, banner income and fund raising will be severely reduced which leaves member’s subscriptions as virtually our only source of income at a time when, because of our financial commitments in respect of the dome, we need a healthy cash flow.

I appreciate that for some of you the Tennis Club will be the last thing you will be worrying about as you ponder how to stretch you own resources to keep a roof over your head and find food for your family – and I understand that must be your prime focus. If you simply cannot afford to pay your subscription at present then please don’t worry – we can deal with this situation at a later date.

For others who are in a better financial place you may wonder why you should consider paying a subscription, which is due on 1st April, to play tennis at a Club which is closed.

All I can say is that this is your Club and to ensure it continues to meet its obligations and thrive in the future we need that income and so I would ask that you pay this year’s subscription as soon as you can.

We know that at some stage this nightmare will be over and we can resume playing tennis – hopefully before the end of the summer – and of course we have indoor winter tennis on 2 courts to look forward to.

Thank you to those of our members who have already paid their subscriptions (over 25% so far) and especially those who have paid knowing that we were closed down. It is much appreciated and hopefully you will be joined by many more over the next few weeks.

Stay safe.

Bernard (Chairman) and Committee LTC