Lytham Tennis Club Fundraising

As you know the Tennis Club has just spent over £225,000 in building 2 new courts replacing our existing mini court and re-carpetting the other 4 courts.

We now have some excellent facilities but in order to maintain and increase our membership I believe that we need to do more and other potential projects include an air dome to cover 2 courts during the winter (possibly 4 eventually), some new changing rooms/toilets, a covered seating area for viewing tennis on the mini court and some of the main courts and a general enhancement of the tennis area.

Well it’s nice to dream !!

The Club raises funds from the members during the year from subscriptions and events and also some monies from advertising banners and gradually that will build up so that we can continue to invest in the Club. But that takes time.

I do believe that there are opportunities to raise more funds from outside the Club through improved advertising channels, sponsorship, links with local companies, grants, charitable donations etc. etc..

But in order to access these additional sources of finance we need to have a dedicated, structured group who are willing to devote some time and effort into making it happen.

I propose to try and set up such a group to look at this and if you are interested and feel that you can add something to our efforts then please let me know.


Bernard Chairman

Chairman’s Statement

Dear member

As you know over the last few months we have been raising money to pay for the new courts which will be a great addition for everyone at the Club.

When we built the original four all weather courts in 2006/07 we asked all our members to make a one off donation of whatever amount they felt appropriate, but we suggested that £65 from everyone would be a great help. The response was excellent and this was the foundation of the joining fee which we now charge – on the basis that new members should contribute a like sum to those who had already helped to pay for our new courts.

This time round we decided to offer members the chance to buy an engraved brick which would be laid in the pathway to the courts, thus preserving their names for posterity and allowing them to become a visual part of Lytham Tennis Club history. This was instead of making a subscription levy or asking for a straight donation.

We hoped that this would be an attractive proposition for the members – effectively making a donation to the Club but gaining something in return.

Sadly we seemed to have misread the situation because to be honest the results of the campaign have been slightly disappointing.

Thanks are due to those who have already paid for an engraved brick but this is a plea to those who have not already done so – we need your help.

We are already looking forward to our next improvement which we hope to will be covered courts but obviously we cannot think about that until this development is completed.

The two new courts are going to be a great addition to the Club for everyone – Seniors and Juniors alike and so I would ask that you please earnestly consider clicking on the highlighted text Buy a Brick_NEW Nov 2017 and complete the form and send your cheque to Simon Whitehead made payable to Lytham Tennis Club.

It is our intention to place our order for the bricks on 21st December with a view to laying them at the end of January, so please do not delay.

Bernard Crosby

Important safety notice

The current weather conditions are creating problems on the all weather courts. The heavy rain is forcing debris in the carpet pile to the surface and this is then turning into a slimy deposit on the court surface.


The problem is compounded by the fact that because of the new court work the groundsman is unable to get his machine on the court to drag the
courts using the big brushes. We have hired a small brushing machine but this is very time consuming to use and not as effective as the big brushes.

Please note that the groundsman is on holiday next week and therefore if there is heavy rain then the problem is likely to get worse.

Of course once all four courts are re-carpeted later in the year then the problem will go away but in the meantime we ask for your patience and