Mix-in Tennis Tuesday Evenings

With the easing/lifting of legal restrictions on Monday 19 July, we are pleased to announce the reintroduction of Tuesday evenings ‘Mix-in’ tennis from 20 July between 6 – 8pm.  We started Sunday afternoon social/mix-in tennis and with great success and now it feels appropriate to take this next step.

Initially, four courts will be reserved hopefully using the grass courts if practicable (re-arranged Fylde League matches allowing plus weather conditions) and adjust according to demand.  We will strive to keep you informed.  Please respect those members wishing to play in this format especially to new members.  The session will be managed by a member of the Committee.


An email was circulated last week and as a reminder the following is an extract;

It is important that we continue to be vigilant not only for our own sake but also for the sake of others and therefore matters like shaking hands and continuing to sanitise will be things that individuals will now have to consider. Also please remember that not everyone will have had 2 jabs.

Covid Update

As you will certainly know covid restrictions are being lifted with effect from Monday 19th July and this effectively means that tennis can be played in exactly the same way as it has always been done prior to the start of the pandemic.

Having said that, it is important that we continue to be vigilant not only for our own sake but also for the sake of others and therefore matters like shaking hands and continuing to sanitise will be things that individuals will now have to consider. Also please remember that not everyone will have had 2 jabs.

Two things that we would like to re-introduce are winding down the nets after play and ensuring that the court gates are always fully closed and we hope that everyone will make certain that these two simple actions are carried out .

Fingers etc crossed for the future

The Committee

Road to Wimbledon Junior Finals 2021

On Saturday 5th June the girls and boys singles final took place on a lovely sunny day.  All the juniors showed great skills in their tennis with very close matches.


Ophelia and Rebecca battled for every point Jan umpired and commented on the high standard of play with many of the games going to deuce.  Ophelia was the winner today 4-1, 5-3 and will go through to the next round.



Harry and Callum had a similar battle. Oliver was the umpire and commented how both boys were challenged to bring out their best shots.

Harry was the winner today 4-0, 4-2 and will go through to the next round.  Huge congratulations to all the juniors and thank you to our umpires and spectators




Update on playing from Sunday 25 April 2021

The Grass courts

The grass courts, but not the match courts, will be open for general play on Sunday and then throughout the summer. The recent dry weather has meant that we are able to open these courts slightly earlier than anticipated but we do rely on our members to be sensible about playing on them. If the conditions are wet or even damp then using the courts is a Health & Safety risk as they will be slippery and it will also cause damage to the grass which will result in the courts deteriorating and being unavailable later in the season.

General Play

With effect from Sunday we are able to bring to a close the ‘one hour on the hour rule’ which means that members can play at whatever time they like and for as long as they like subject only to giving way at the end of a set if other members are waiting to play. Please remember the social distancing rules if you are waiting for a court.

Social mix -in times

Unfortunately we are unable to organise Club times at present. However it is hoped to implement these on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings with effect from 18th May.

Coaching times

Greg will continue to have priority for coaching on Court 6 during the week except on Monday when at 4.30 he will be taking group lessons on both Courts 3 & 4 until 7.30. He will also have the use of Courts 3 & 4 on Saturdays


League Matches

It is hoped that the Ribble League will commence w/c 17th May and the Fylde League w/c 24th May. Full details of match nights and court usage will be sent out nearer the time.


Floodlighting tokens are now available from behind the bar.

Club Tournaments

A separate information sheet will be sent out in the very near future.

Tennis Pavilion and Ladies toilets

The tennis pavilion will remain out of bounds until further restrictions are lifted. However access to the Ladies toilet will be permitted from Sunday 25th April although only one person may queue in the pavilion.  Face masks must be worn in the tennis pavilion. There will be a limited cleaning schedule and so lady members are asked to sanitise thoroughly and wipe down any surfaces which they may touch.

New members

We do have a number of new members and with no organised social tennis for another 4 weeks it may be difficult for them to get to know other members. We would ask therefore that all make a big effort to speak to anyone you don’t know and offer them the traditional Lytham Tennis Club hospitality.

If you are a new member and need guidance about how to find someone to play with or indeed anything else then please get in touch with the Captains or Vice Captains who will be happy to help.

Pam French       07736 325270

Gill Totty            07799 713340

Roy Lunio           07854 377393

Ed Sawer            07775 808538

The Bar

The bar is now open for outdoor table service. If you have given  consent for your name and email address to be passed on to the Registrar of Lytham Cricket & Sports Club, then you will be able to collect a members’ card from behind the bar which will entitle you to various offers on the price of drinks. Please be aware that if you wish to use the toilets in the Club house you must wear a mask.


Many of us will have had one or even two jabs and gradually things will hopefully get back to normal. However we must remind everyone that at present we must all continue to follow all the regulations in force regarding social distancing, sanitising and the use of face masks when indoors. Please also use the QR code posters when you visit the Club.

LTC Committee

Tennis Restart – Guidance

At this time of the year it is customary for us to send out a Newsletter advising about
what will be going on during the summer but given the present situation and the fact
that the dates outlined in the ‘roadmap to recovery’ remain the best scenario and not
written in stone, we thought it better to send out some information now but update it
as and when the picture becomes clearer.
Tennis Restart 29th March
We are all anxious to get back to playing tennis and we know that it will be possible to
open the courts at the end of the month. We also know that it is important to ensure
that everyone complies with all the restrictions still in force and ensure that tennis is
played safely.
Therefore the Committee has set out a formula as to how tennis will be organised for
the first 4 weeks up to 26th April at which time we hope that the grass courts will almost
be ready for play and we can reassess our plans.
The formula is based of being able to play safely and giving everyone an equal
opportunity to play. For that reason, and the fact that League tennis will not start until
24th May, there will be no team practices, no continuation of the winter ladder and no
organised social tennis.
As a Club we do not like issuing rules and regulations about what members can and
cannot do preferring to rely on their common sense and respect for fellow members
but circumstances dictate that in the short term we need to issue strong guidelines
about how the courts can be used.
We have decided not to implement the booking system as we believe that it should be
possible to operate without it.
However the ‘one hour on the hour’ rule will be in force and it might be worthwhile reiterating that this means that play must start on the hour and if there are people waiting
to play an hour later then the court must be vacated. If you start at say 11.30 then you
will be contravening the rules and more importantly from your point of view you may
have to vacate the court after only 30 minutes.
Greg will have priority on Court 6 during the week but not on Saturdays when he will
have priority on Courts 3 & 4. Members may use Court 6 when Greg is not coaching.Singles will be permitted on any court but will only have equal standing with doubles
on Court 5. Singles will always have to give way on the hour to doubles on courts 1-
4 (and 6 if Greg is not using the court).
Even in this 4-week period we need to be flexible so if circumstances change then we
are prepared to change the rules but we will always be guided by the necessity to
ensure that tennis is played in a safe environment.
At this stage we cannot say whether the toilets will be open – this will depend on being
able to organise a regular cleaning regime.
Please continue to take utmost caution, keep your distance and sanitise regularly.
The Bar
It is hoped that the bar will re-open for outside use based on table service only from
12th April.
League Tennis
The Leagues have indicated that they hope to start on 24th May and that tennis will be
on a friendly/competitive basis with the divisions arranged based on the number of
teams entered. There will be no promotion or relegation. We will decide how many
teams we are going to enter during April with a view to holding some practices starting
in early May.
The Grass Courts
We are aiming to have the grass courts available for play sometime during the last
week of April, but this of course will depend on the weather. Regrettably we will be
unable to hold the customary opening day lunch and tournament owing to the
The Tournaments
We are intending to start the handicap tournament in early May and entries will be
accepted by email. Separate information will be sent out nearer the time.
Floodlighting Tokens
Once the bar is open tokens will be available as normal. Please try to purchase 5 at
a time (£10). In the short term they can still be purchased from Pam French and Frank
Murphy by prior arrangement. Contact details are on the attached list of Committee
Visitors can be introduced by Senior members only. Please ensure that the money is
handed in behind the bar using the available envelopes. The visitors name and
contact details MUST be written on the envelopes.
Alternatively the fee of £5 can be transferred to the Club’s bank account with a
covering text or email being sent to Bernard Crosby giving the required information.
Contact details can be found on the attached list of Committee members.
Some dates for your diary (all to be confirmed)
Friday 25th June – Golf competition at Green Drive Golf Club in aid of the Motor
Neurone Disease Association in memory of Keith Cartmell. Teams of 4 comprising
past and present members of any of the Sections of Lytham Cricket & Sports Club.
Information from Bernard Crosby.
Sunday 11th July – Open Finals Day
Saturday and Sunday 4th & 5th September – Junior Tournament and Finals
Saturday 18th September – End of season Dinner Dance
Friday 26th November – Sportsman’s LunchTennis Committee Members 2021
Interim Chairman Bernard Crosby 07831 894788
Secretary Frank Murphy 01253 794734
07846 202429
Treasurer Bernard Crosby 07831 894788
Ladies’ Captain Pam French 01253 733775 07736
Ladies’ Vice Captain Gill Totty 07799 713340
Men’s -Captain Roy Lunio 07854 377393
Men’s Vice Captain Ed Sawer 07775 808538
Subscription Secretary Linda Clayton 01253 737710
07930 628096
Ground Representative Brian Cackett 01253 640714
07585 069789
Social Secretary and Child
Welfare Officer
Helen Rowe 01253 795780
07950 006923
Club Coach
Parent of Juniors
Greg Porter
Julie Knowles
07738 495914
01253 732335
07743 270363
Co-opted Member Judith Cooper 01253 736948
07811 68254

New Years Message and News

Well I don’t expect any of us will be sorry to see the end of 2020. At best we will all have been inconvenienced whilst some will have suffered considerably and lost friends and relatives.

We were fortunate that outdoor tennis was able to be played throughout most of the summer albeit with no League matches and in slightly different formats than usual. However playing social tennis in the new air bubble was only possible for a few weeks and so after all the trials and tribulations of bringing indoor tennis to Lytham the majority of us have been unable to benefit from our latest facility.

Looking forward, certainly in the short term, it would seem that there is no prospect of using the dome for the next month or two and of course it has to be taken down at the end of March. We are already wondering whether to try and arrange for it to come down sooner to enable us to use 2 extra courts but for the time being we are waiting, perhaps over-optimistically, for the situation to improve. Being unable to use the dome will cost the Club in the region of £8,000 in lost income and despite our best endeavours we have been unable to get any assistance to cover all or part of this although we are incredibly thankful to those who waived the refunds due to them for cancelled pre-bookings.

I think we are all confident that at some time in the future things will get back to some semblance of normality and hopefully by the time the grass courts open at the end of April the worst will be behind us.

The Committee are already making plans for the future for both tennis and social events. Whilst it would have been nice to reduce subscriptions to compensate for the restrictions, the reality is that Club does need the finance and so the best we can do is keep them all at the same levels as last year except for day time members who we believe get exceptional value for the amount they pay and consequently we have raised these subscriptions to a more realistic level. Details of all the subscriptions, which are due on 1st April, will be posted on the website.

We have also decided to cap the number of day time members but increase the number of full members. We do have quite a large waiting list and it is possible that we will still not be able to accommodate all who wish to join. The process of offering membership will start in about 4 weeks time and as always will be done on the basis of first come – first served.

As is the norm a full Newsletter will be sent out in February when we should have a clearer idea about the future but in the meantime thanks to all of you who have done your bit to ensure that the Tennis Club remains as safe as possible from the coronavirus threat.

Happy New Year and enjoy your singles!

Bernard (Acting Chairman)

Outdoor Court Booking System

It has been decided to implement a court booking system during the current Tier 4 restrictions with immediate effect on courts 1, 2 and 6.

In other words all tennis being played must be pre booked.

Court 5 will be reserved for coaching although if we find that there is exceptional demand for the other courts we may have to restrict coaching hours.  This new system will ensure that members will have certainty about being able to play and perhaps more importantly it will minimise, to a great extent, the possibility of any social mixing.

There will of course be no charge for using the booking system. 

Bookings should be made via the Clubspark online system in the same way that courts 3 and 4 were booked and this can be done at short notice if the courts are not already booked. The system will generate a pin number but this will not be needed to access the courts. Go to our website and look for the Clubspark icon if you do not have the Clubspark Booker App.  You may have to register if you haven’t used this feature before.

Bookings must be made on the hour and for one hour only and we rely on our members not to abuse the system by:

Booking 2 hour slots in different names

Booking courts and then not turning up – please cancel if you no longer wish to play.

Making an unreasonable number of bookings to the detriment of fellow members.

Once again may we remind you that play is restricted to

singles (different households) or

doubles  (members of the same household)

LTC Committee

Covid 19 – Update

With effect from midnight tonight we enter Tier 4 which means that indoor tennis in the Dome is not allowed at any time.

Outdoor tennis continues to be allowed but for singles only (different households) or for members of the same household playing doubles.

One to one coaching is permitted as is group coaching for under 18’s.

In order to accommodate coaching commitments you should be aware that Greg will always have priority for coaching on Court 5.

Obviously we rely on all our members to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that they and fellow members are kept safe.

The ‘play on the hour for one hour’ rule remains in place and with only 3 courts now available for potentially 240 members to play, it is even more important that you respect this rule.

Bring on the vaccine!

LTC Committee

Dome Restrictions and Refunds

Sadly it now looks unlikely that indoor tennis for members of different households will be permitted to take place for some considerable time and possibly not before the dome has to be taken down at the end of March.

This is obviously tremendously disappointing as, after all the hard work to get it installed, we have been unable to reap the benefits of indoor tennis apart from a few weeks in October.

The lack of income will also substantially affect our finances and we have been unable to get any ‘Covid relief’ despite contacting our local MP, the LTA, Sport England and Fylde Borough Council.

Regrettably we now think that the best thing to do is to refund all the unused block booking fees which have been carried forward and if and when it becomes possible to play indoors in the next 3 months, ask members to then book in the normal way via Clubspark. Thanks to those of you who have agreed to waive the refunds to help our finances.

Accordingly if you have pre booked for the first 3 months of the year you will receive a text/email over the next week or so advising you of the amount which is calculated to be due to you as a refund. If you could respond with your bank details then a refund will be made to the lead person who made the booking.

Happy New Year

LTC Committee